Maximizing Your Non-Profit

Face it, your non-profit can use all the help it can get. Plus you, your staff or volunteers do not have the time nor experience to utilize technology and market your Charitable Organization like it should. It’s a struggle that most non-profits face and try to do it alone. But ask yourself these quesitons

  • Am I actively sharing what my nonprofit does?
  • Do people have a good first impression of my nonprofit. This is not in-person, but online.
  • Could I utilize my budget and technology better to make a bigger impact?

There is no cookie-cutter solution. Each nonprofit faces different challenges, populations, and budgets. I can help you make since out of this information, analyze your internet presence and find way to maximize the technology budget. I would be happy to meet with you for a free consultation, just fill out the form on the right or call me. In the meantime….

Check out some of my services for Charitable Organizations


360 Virtual Tours for Nonprofits

360 Virtual Tours are a fully interactive 360° virtual tour of Charitable Organization, allowing potential donors and recipients to virtually see inside & outside and walk and look around from the comfort of their own home. The 360 Virtual Tours engage and connect your potential visitor with you no matter where they are, inviting them to enter your location with just the click of a button.

Google My Business for Non-Profits

Your organization listing appears right when people are searching for charitable organizations like yours on Google Search and Maps. Google My Business allows the customer to see all the critical information like pictures, reviews, special announcements without having to even visit your website. Combine with a 360 tour, and you are on the path to drawing in a larger crowd.

Marketing for NonProfits

Are you a 501c3? If so are you utilizing the donor programs out there for technology. From advertising to marketing, your charitable organization may be missing out on over $120,000 in grants and discounted technology. That money could make a huge impact on your organization.

Technology for Non-Profits

Is it at the point to where technology is putting a strain on your staff. “If Only” our computers ran faster, “If Only” our staff had laptops, “If Only” technology didn’t break our budget. “What if” it doesn’t have too, what if there were was to cut the budget by 25%, 50% or even 75%.

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