Redefine what you stand for

You have a compelling story to tell. I can help you zero in on just the right message to help tell your story in a way that that your audiences will want to connect with. For some churches, it will be getting the congregation out of the pews and into a ministry. For others, it will be using in-kind donations to reach a new audience. Whatever it may be, I can help tell your story in multiple ways :

  • How’s your website, does it speak to the human element, weather they are at a computer or on their phone.
  • What about the optimization element, are your i’s dotted and t’s crossed when it comes to search engine optimization?
  • Looking to reach outside that normal crowd, how about 2-3x more
  • Are you doing a good job communicating, that’s one of the biggest complaints
  • Would would you do with a free $10,000/month in advertising, you might be eligible for a grant.

There is no “one solution” that fits all. That’s why I meet with you and your team, understand first what you do and what your goals are, and then work together to develop a plan.

There are so many way I can help your organization


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